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The way technology evolves today companies need to be more cost efficient and agile. A cloud computing setup helps both of these areas. By centralizing your company’s storage, memory, and applications less needs to be spent on onsite infrastructure. You only need a device powerful enough...



Cloud Computing takes all the hardware and software requirements that would usually be stored on an individual basis on the client side to a centralized network that can be accessed anywhere on the internet.

Cloud computing is easier thought about if you break it up into 2 parts...

How It Works



Firstly, one must understand what the “cloud” is.  The “cloud” is really just a metaphor for the internet given to it by IT people.  Next, different services, such as storage and applications, are distributed to an organization via the “cloud”.  So instead of storing all your information on your own personal computer or database, it is stored in a remote database...

Created by: Beau Rauch, Andrew Roberts, Conor O'Kane, and Mark Ramthun

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