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Implementation of Cloud Based Services

The figure to the left shows the basic implementation process of cloud based services. It's an agile development with People, Tools, Processes, and Information all taking large roles and all affecting each other.

When deciding to implement a cloud or not several factors need to be taken into account. The main factors are summarized in the figure to the right. It shows how those needs can reduce costs to the organization and how other factors can optimize business for the organization.

Gained benefits from cloud computing

The above figure points out the main benefits an organization can gain from implementing services in the cloud. One that many companies are looking into, such as Microsoft, is the pay as you go charging model. As technology is changing it can be beneficial to be able to release more updates to customers and maintain a more consistent cash flow instead of cashing in when a new version, like Office 13, is released.

The above figure points out the key concerns businesses face when implementing cloud services. As shown, the main factor is security. Security is vital for organizations and can be an issue when putting things out into the cloud where data is more susceptible to being intercepted. Another important issue is funding of projects as large IT projects tend to get very expensive.

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