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Two Year Outlook of Scale

Outlook on Workload

Cloud Computing is the future of business. It is growing at a very rapid rate. Along with how companies are implementing using the cloud, such as Amazon and Netflix, the next big thing is subscription based software.

The Future of Cloud Computing

The above figure shows how over the next two years the Pilot/Departmental and Production/Enterprise roles will reverse. This shows how just in the next two years the cloud is expected to go from testing stages to a stream service.

Just recently, Adobe announced it will be taking its services to the cloud. Much like Microsoft Office, instead of purchasing a one time package it is subscription based and allows for steady cash flows. This will be met with resistance to people moving over to the cloud based services but for many there will not be a choice in the matter. In the long run this should make for a better overall user experience but only at the higher price being passed off to the users who will always need the suite. The suite contains many high end packages such as Photoshop and Dreamweaver.

Microsoft's Office pack is one of the most widely used and deployed suites of software used today for personal, educational, and business purposes alike. Microsoft is pushing for a shift towards a cloud based package. Currently it is an option that can be chosen but in the future look for this to be the only option. This package is not bought and then installed on your computer like traditional software but rather a subscription based "pay as you go" package. It will allow for faster updates and more importantly, for Microsoft, a steady flow of cash instead of waiting for major updates to cash in on.

Adobe's New Cloud Service

The Next Big Move for Office

The above figure points out where the cloud is going and how implementation is expected just in the short term of the next two years. The bars show a yes or no as to if the service is being run cloud based. It can be seen that there is a monumental shift to cloud based processing. As data gets more sensitive to being secure such as, transaction processing, the shift will be a little slower. This is due to security being one of the biggest concerns of moving to the cloud.

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