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About Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing takes all the hardware and software requirements that would usually be stored on an individual basis on the client side to a centralized network that can be accessed anywhere on the internet.

Cloud computing is easier thought about if you break it up into 2 parts, a front end and a back end. The front end is just a portal to the backend. The backend is what everyone refers to as the cloud. It is a network of computers. Servers made up of storage and processing power at another location. The medium of connection between the front end and the back end is the internet.

Cloud computing is useful for many reasons…

Centralize all your equipment. This creates less strain on IT personnel. Everything is in one location so implementing software, fixing problems, and upgrading hardware all happens in one place, not at every individual work station.

You can spend less on employee equipment. For example, super powerful machines with tons of speed and storage can be replaced by much simpler devices that only need to be able to reach the cloud.

A network of computer has the potential to be very powerful. Say you were processing a huge task. You could push it to your cloud were you have massive amount of storage and memory spread out across multiple machines. These machines working together to process the task will be much faster than anyone one computer.

Users can access their data or applications anywhere. If you run your cloud computing through the internet than anywhere you can access the web you can access your content.

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