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The location of the "cloud computing" image on the home page.

About, History, and Purpose:


A general overview of cloud computing. Has a little bit of history, touches on cloud computing’s similarities to utility based computing and software as a service.

General overview of cloud computing. Breaks down how it works, some of its advantages, disadvantages, and applications for the technology.

This is Forbes view on the history of cloud computing. Similar to computerweekly’s thoughts on the origin, but concludes with cloud computing rapid growth in popularity and revenues.

This is computerweekly’s take on the history of cloud computing starting with ideas that could be interpreted as cloud computing all the way up to cloud computing’s potential to the field of IT.

This shows the history of cloud computing in a timeline type visual.

How It Works:

This link goes into detail about all the organizations working on standards and protocols for cloud computing.  Touches on where each section is currently and what they are working on. 

This link just goes over a brief overview of cloud computing and summarizes some of the ideas behind it nicely.  Also loosely goes over the security issues with cloud computing and tries to determine how safe it actually is.

This pdf provides an in depth look at cloud computing and what is actually offered from a technical standpoint.  Goes in depth for deployment methods and services offered.   Also, it’s the source of the image that has the deployment methods and services offered.

A very brief overview of cloud computing.  Also, the page is the source of the cloud image used.


This link is a case study by IBM on 110 cloud implementation projects. Details business needs and future outlook.

Business Application:

An overview of Amazon Web Service's global infrastructure as well as the map used to show their data centers across the globe.

Basic information about Amazon Web Services and how their cloud computing service helps organizations.

Facts about AWS's customers usage of their cloud computing services.

A video that describes how Netflix uses cloud computing as a major element of their business model.

An article that shows how Unilever's research and development department utilizes cloud computing to have more efficient operations.



Microsoft’s product webpage details the new Office 365, cloud-based package as a pay as you go subscription model.

Adobes product webpage details the features of the new CS as a subscription based package in the cloud.

This link is a case study by IBM on 110 cloud implementation projects. Details business needs and future outlook.





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